There is blood on our hands again

(From the song 'Blood on our Hands' by Death From Above 1979).

What I'm clumsily trying to say is that here's a blog what I made whilst I should've been doing something better and that if you're reading it then you should be doing something better too. Also, the fact that you and I have the time and resources to respectively make and read this gumpf is why the World is so screwed.

01 August 2005

I have tasted the great loch and found it lochy.

So... Got back from a weeks 'holiday' in Scotland on Saturday night. I only feel composed enough to describe it two days later! Seriously though, I'm glad to be back mainly because of the driving and sleeping in a dorm room with five other guys. I'm weird I know... but I find it slightly uncomfortable sleeping in a room with anybody else and so this was even worse! Yes... I probably do have issues, perhaps not 'mad' ones though... then again.

Anyways... I kept a journal of our (Andrew and myself) exploits and they may make for... reading if nothing else. So when I can be bloody well bothered I shall describe some things to you, the loyal readers of my blog. (yes, both of you... I know who you are).

Just made a good 'math-core' playlist including Sikth and The Dillinger Escape Plan and it's hitting the spot nicely.



  • At 1/8/05 17:40, Blogger Comrade_S said…

    Well i can only speak for myself (but one day i'll be able to speak on behalf of a nation one day) anyhow, but i loyally look forward to reading your journal, especially about how your judgement lapsed and things died because of it ;-) you know what i'm talking about.

    I know what you did last week....


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