There is blood on our hands again

(From the song 'Blood on our Hands' by Death From Above 1979).

What I'm clumsily trying to say is that here's a blog what I made whilst I should've been doing something better and that if you're reading it then you should be doing something better too. Also, the fact that you and I have the time and resources to respectively make and read this gumpf is why the World is so screwed.

17 June 2007

If God really has blessed America then I'm glad I don't believe in him... or America.

I just stumbled onto a website showing a picture of Hillary Clinton at one of her rallies for support of the Democratic nomination. Now I don't really now anything about her politics other than the fact that she's a Democrat in America but that's all I really need to know. What I mean is that her politics is about as radical as a short-back and sides (I don't know where that came from).

Anyway, the picture had her stood next to a crowd of people who seemed to be her supporters and one of them was wearing a Che t-shirt (you know the kind). Underneath the picture are a load of brain-dead Americans self-righteously condemning Communism and in the same breath accusing her of having politics that are little 'better' than Communism.

If people really think that Hillary Clinton is a Communist (or not far off) then they need to come up for a new term for actual communists... no wait... they just use a variety of insults (like leftist, pinko or liberal...ha!). It's a shame that most people who think they hate Communism know nothing about it beyond the failed and admittedly unpleasant examples of governments who purport to hold Communist beliefs.

If you're an out and out Capitalist then fine, you can rail against Communism all you want... it just strikes me as daft that people who are relatively poor by American standards and might actually benefit from a little Social Democracy in action like decent health care, would rather vote for the status-quo at best (Iron Maiden at worst tee-hee). But no, most people haven't seen past the 'S' word which is just as bad as Communism right? America is a nation obsessed with labels and can't see past the negative connotations they've been taught to accept.
Which leads nicely to my next thought, anyone who wears a Che t-shirt and supports mainstream American politics isn't a Communist just like anyone who wants to make abortion illegal and thinks executing criminals is fine is not pro-life.

So there.

Incidentally, I've just finished reading 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins and it's going on my list of books that have changed my life. For a book of it's kind it was such a page-turner... I couldn't put it down! There were some sections that were better than others but I have to say that any shred of superstitiousness that I once indulged in has gone. I'll still call myself an Agnostic but only in the sense that I'm awaiting proof one way or the other and the existence of God is very highly improbable. Just like a left-wing president.

Also, I've read a few hilariously satirical articles on This website and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to laugh at the current state of US politics (lest they end up crying).