There is blood on our hands again

(From the song 'Blood on our Hands' by Death From Above 1979).

What I'm clumsily trying to say is that here's a blog what I made whilst I should've been doing something better and that if you're reading it then you should be doing something better too. Also, the fact that you and I have the time and resources to respectively make and read this gumpf is why the World is so screwed.

09 June 2005

Damn you nature!

Every year before summer starts I'm convinced I don't have hayfever. Perhaps I'm starting to change my mind this year cos I feel rough as fook. Yesterday I thought it might be mostly hangover but today I feel just as bad... maybe worse. The damn anti-histamines we've got in the house (a house with no big (yes everyone's really short ha-ha) hayfever sufferers) seem to do nothing besides make me really drowsy.

Oh well... I guess it's probably fitting or deserved or something.

I've still done no more work on my CV... I need to get it done. I need a proper job in order to be able to pay off my debts and afford moving out and this is something that I really really need to do.
On the positive side I've borrowed some Killswitch Engage from a friend and I'm really enjoying it.


"If all I am is flesh and blood I might as well be dogfood..."

"...and I don't want space, because space is so cold"

Crimson - Reuben.


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